2002: A great adventure begins!

During the Caen War Memorial International Human Rights Competition for Lawyers on 20 January 2002, Mrs. Dominique-Anne Roy meets the president of LWB France. She returns to Quebec with the goal of starting a new branch of the Lawyers Without Borders movement

Inspired by Mrs. Roy, a small group of lawyers decides to join her initiative. This group holds its first meetings in the spring. In June 2002, the President of LWB France is in Quebec to support the founding of a Lawyers Without Borders group there. The creation of Lawyers Without Borders is announced during the opening session of the Bar of the Province of Quebec in September.

Initial steps are taken in Nigeria to prepare for potential activities to support the defence of women's rights. On 23 October, Mrs. Roy, Mr. Pierre Brun and Mr. Pascal Paradis take the initiative of incorporating the association under the name "Lawyers Without Borders Quebec".


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