2007: Increasing institutional capacity

LWBC continues to grow, forging new links with the next generation of lawyers by collaborating with the Faculty of Law at Université Laval to set up the first LWBC university group. Establishing such a presence in academic insitutions helps to raise law students' awareness of human rights issues, while allowing them to contribute to the organization's work. 

University groups conduct research and facilitate the organization of conferences on specific issues as well as fundraising events to support LWBC's mission.

LWBC also strengthens networks in the non-governmental organization (NGO), international cooperation and development community, in the legal community with the Barreau du Québec as well as with the Canadian and Quebec governments. 

LWBC enters into its first "Without Borders" partnership with the law firm McCarthy Tétreault, a partnership that remains active to this day.


In Colombia, LWBC advocates in favour of investigations into assaults on lawyers and meets with key stakeholders in the justice sector. Together with the Association of American Jurists (AAJ), LWBC releases its first international report, which addresses the worrisome situation of lawyers practising in the country. This report is delivered personally to the United Nations Special Rapporteur.


In Nigeria, LWBC partners with LWB France, to develop and offer training to lawyers from the  Legal Aid Council of Nigeria (LACon). In particular, LWBC aims to educate Nigerians about their rights in the event of an arrest. 

These efforts focus on young women and men from extremely poor and disadvantaged backgrounds, most of whom are illiterate, uneducated and have no access to any form of assistance from their environment.





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