2008: Leading a coalition of legal organizations

In the Omar Khadr case, a child soldier imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay since 2002, LWBC participates in the legal debate to request his repatriation and to demonstrate to the public that this emblematic case is crucial to the respect of human rights.

LWBC builds a coalition of legal organizations that includes more than 50,000 members from the Barreau du Québec, the Canadian Bar Association, the Young Bar of Montreal, the Réseau des juristes, Amnesty International francophone, Amnesty International Canadian Legal Network, Lawyers Rights Watch Canada, Canadian Lawyers Abroad and the Ligue des droits et libertés.


In Haïti, training courses offered at the State University of Haiti (UEH) and among civil society groups continue, with a particular focus on international women's law and international labour law. Methodological tools are made available to more than 250 lawyers, legal experts, members of civil society and students in the field of human rights.

Together with the Centre de documentation et de recherche sur les mouvements d'émancipation de la femme (EUFOFANM), awareness-raising efforts are made to design and produce legal capsules for local television that popularize women's rights.





In Colombia, LWBC lauches the Accès à la justice des communautés autochtones (Access to Justice for Indigenous Communities) project and coordinates the launch of a Caravan of Lawyers with its partners from the Colectivo de abogados José Alvar Restrepo (CAJAR) and the Colombian Association of Human Rights Defenders Eduardo Umaña Mendoza (ACADEUM). 

Active in Bogota and in six regions, and bringing together 53 lawyers from eight countries, it is the first international observation mission of human rights lawyers in the country.  

With the help of decisions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) and Colombian courts, LWBC succeeds in demonstrating that links between various levels of government and paramilitaries continue to exist. These links are evidenced by a wave of arrests, charges and prison sentences against politicians, civil servants and members of the security forces.

As part of the negotiations to establish a Canada-Colombia free trade agreement, LWBC testifies before the Standing Committee on International Trade of the Canadian Parliament and recommends that the signing of this treaty be conditional on the satisfaction of human rights preconditions.

The Commission's final report repeatedly cites LWBC's work, particularly with respect to the adoption of concrete measures to end the relationship between the state and paramilitaries and the need to protect lawyers, judges, public officials, citizens and civil society organizations working to promote human rights in the country.


In Peru, LWBC carries out its first mission, which includes attending a key part of the trial against former dictator Alberto Fujimori. 


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