What we do


With the support of institutional donors and private partners, we have organized hundreds of international cooperation projects in more than 20 countries, mainly in Africa and Latin America, since 2002.

We firmly believe that, through the support provided by our professionals and volunteers, it is possible to make law an instrument for change and development that will benefit individuals and communities.

To demonstrate humanity, be in the right place at the right time, build partnerships with local organizations ─ respecting their needs and expectations ─, and to help victims of human rights violations regain their dignity… our work is immensely challenging, but is also highly rewarding.

Share our expertise and knowledge

Our legal expertise and inclusive vision of international cooperation enable us to deliver tangible value in the countries in which we operate.

For 15 years now, our professionals and volunteers have sought to build close relationships by:

  • fighting against a culture of impunity, by supporting local lawyers and representatives of victims in landmark cases;
  • participating in training for lawyers, civil society organizations, and other actors involved in the justice system;
  • supporting frontline legal aid and legal assistance services;
  • increasing the independence and security of human rights lawyers;
  • supporting the development of jurisprudence that respects international standards.




Make a lasting difference

Our presence and the technical support we provide on the ground help change mindsets and bring about tangible advances in respect for international legal standards, in particular by: 

  • securing convictions of perpetrators of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity;
  • obtaining historical court victories in favour of victims;
  • helping to free wrongfully-held detainees;
  • producing reference tools and documents on local and international law, thus seeking to discourage serious human rights abuses and ensure that these are not repeated.





To improve access to knowledge on human rights issues

Over time, we have put in place forums for the exchange of knowledge and for training, aimed at responding to the needs of practitioners in the fields of international law, and the next generation of lawyers. Through our actions, we seek to raise awareness within, and educate, the general public about global issues that could, on occasion, have an unexpected impact on their everyday lives.

Our efforts in Canada have therefore involved:

  • helping to train hundreds of lawyers in Quebec and throughout Canada, most notably through our internship programme and educational activities;
  • organizing and participating in events and conferences with a view to securing better funding for our activities and projects;
  • implementing and participating in awareness-raising campaigns aimed at rallying public support for human rights causes worldwide;
  • publishing detailed reports, practical guides and technical instructions to facilitate greater understanding of topical issues in relation to human rights abuses internationally.




Thanks to our partners without borders

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