Why we do it

It is impossible to put a price on a fairer price

We firmly believe that, through the support provided by our professionals and volunteers, it is possible to create an instrument for change and development that will benefit individuals and communities. 

Day in and day out, members of our team support extraordinary human beings who have witnessed or been victims of the worst atrocities.

The fundamental rights that connect us all as human beings of whatever origin or nationality are not utopian: they are real.

We work tirelessly to make effective tools available to our partners and to put in place appropriate levers to make these rights known, so that they are not just recognized, but applied.




We are human above all else

Our raison d’être has certain key aspects that give us the sense of a duty fulfilled, such as:

  • the excitement and pride shown by victims who are finally able, after decades of waiting, to access justice and to see their torturers in the dock;
  • the cries and hugs of joy of a group of female victims of sexual violence on pronouncement of a guilty verdict;
  • the overwhelming appreciation of survivors of massacres who tell us that they have been able to regain some of their dignity following the conviction of those responsible for the terrible crimes committed against their communities;
  • the impassioned face of a volunteer who has decided to dedicate their career to defending human rights due to the strength of their experiences with our organization;
  • the gratitude expressed by human rights lawyers and organizations who declare that they are now better equipped to continue the fight for human rights.

To help enable spectacular advances to be made in international law, to inspire new vocations, to raise public awareness of the human dimension of conflicts, to tangibly change lives - those are the challenges that together we invite you to take on. 

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